The Eagle Leasing Program

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Our Leasing Partner

When you think about something wonderful what comes to mind? Most likely it’s the incredible service we offer. If not, then surely it’s the amazing products you can get from us for such a great value. No? Hmmm, it must be the lovely staff we have on hand to make your shopping experience one-of-a-kind.
Making the decision to choose us will be rewarding in itself. You’ll get something you really need, and you’ll find little treats along the way that will delight you.
So, let’s get started today. The process is super easy and only takes a day. We’ll be up and running before you can say “speed demon”. Alright, here we go, let’s get a call organized, and begin our work together.
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Our Process

  • To begin the leasing process, our leasingpartner CCA Financial, will request your company’s financial information.

  • Once your company has been approved and you have finalized the quantity and type of equipment to be leased, CCA will supply a lease proposal detailing the term and rate.

  • Once the proposal is accepted, CCA will place the order to Eagle on your behalf.

  • After your equipment arrives, lease paperwork will be executed, and the lease will commence.

  • At the end of the lease term, your company can extend the lease at a reduced rate, purchase the equipment at fair market value, or simply return the equipment.

100% financing and NO DOWN PAYMENT.

Leasing Advantages

Low, Fixed Monthly Payments

Conserve capital and credit lines for the ease of budgeting.

Seasonal Payment Structures

Need to match the timing of your lease payments with your cash
flow? With leasing, you decide when to make your payments.

The Latest Equipment

Leasing allows you to keep your vehicle and personal shopper fleet current and fresh, helping you provide the best customer experience.

Ultimate Flexibility

Leasing allows you to add or swap out vehicles AT ANY TIME
during the lease term, usually with no change in payment.

Capital Preservation

With 100% financing and NO DOWN PAYMENT, leasing eases
the strain on working capital and keeps existing credit lines intact
for other requirements.

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