Eagle Cart Pusher

Making Cart Retrieval Efficient and Safe

Industry studies prove customers spend more money when using a shopping cart.

With more carts and larger carts available at stores, cart retrieval today is more labor intensive, adding to overhead. The size and weight of carts continues to limit the number of carts that can be safely retrieved manually at one time. As well, moving too many carts increases the retailer’s potential liability, not only to employees, but to customers and their vehicles. In addition, as a retailer you are challenged to project a positive image as associates strain to push loads of carts in an unsafe manner.

Eagle Cart Pusher Features


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  • Motor - 36V 3hp shunt wound
  • Remote Control - Can be operated from a distance using the provided hand held
  • Throttle - Push Button
  • Horn - Extra Loud
  • Emergency Push Button Cutoff Switch
  • Batteries -12V Group 27 deep cycle
  • Brake - Automatic holding brake
  • Charger - On board 30A which controls & monitors the charging process
  • Charger Receptacle - Allows the use of standard extension cord for charging
  • Drive Wheels - 16” x 6.50” pneumatic
  • Custom Graphics - Available with your store logo
  • Color - Various colors available or optional rhino lined for maximum durability
  • Strobe Light - Optional

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