E-Coating System

The Largest System in the Southeast and Best in Class

State-of-the-Art Pre-Treatment System

  • Acid Pickle Stage Standard
  • Environmentally Friendly "Thin Film" Pre-Treatment
  • Full Immersion Cleaning

Superior Corrosion Protection & Coating Performance

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Excellent Impact Properties, Adhesion, and Durability
  • Can E-Coat Inside and Outside Tube Framing
  • 1000 Hour Salt Spray Guarantee

Automated/Programmable Powder Coat System

  • Durable Polyester Topcoat
  • Will Accommodate Large Parts, High Volume Capacity
  • Most Efficient and Complete Coverage System in the Market Place Framing
  • Maximum Part Envelope: 66"H x 40"W x 144"L

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